About Our Films

midlands wedding videographer Wood Norton

Our films are created using the very best bits of your day, meaning a wedding video that brings all of the fun, feelings, and emotions flooding back.

David will film as discretely as possible to capture your day as it happens, naturally & creatively.
He won’t ask you to do any acting for the camera, the only poses you will do will be for your Photographer.

We believe in quality over quantity.
The really long (and possibly slightly boring) wedding videos from 10-20 years ago are now a thing of the past for modern videographers.

In todays world, cramping around an iPad for 3 hours watching a wobbly video with dull colours and bad audio is something that shouldn’t happen!
Our unique “Perfect Length” 30 Minute Signature Montage Film is ideal to watch with friends and family, no wobbly home video look from the 90’s and a great soundtrack to help move the film along and keep everyone enthralled!

There are also no ‘huge on-shoulder cameras’ following you around with a big light.
Each wedding is filmed with small but high quality cameras so that you and your guests don’t feel intimidated while we are there.
For the Ceremony, Speeches & First Dance, 2-3 cameras will be used to capture more angles and give a more immersive experience when you watch it back.

Our 15 & 30 Minute films can be added to, even after your wedding if you prefer.
We film the Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance in full so if you decide later that you really want to hear your speeches again, they can be added to your package up to 12 months later! This versatility is what has made our packages so popular with our Brides & Grooms.