We are Carbyne Media!

midlands wedding videographer Hoar Cross Hall

Carbyne Media was born in 2013 by David after he decided to follow his passion for Photography & Videography, leaving a successful 15 years in retail.

“I was always the one with the camera, both socially and as a hobby.
When my job in retail required me to start taking photos and video for the new website, I realised that working with something I loved was so addictive, it didn’t feel like work.
After a few years I had gained experience from fellow videographers filming alongside them at weddings in my spare time, filming weddings on weekends, until I felt confident that I could realise my dream to be my own boss, full time as a professional Videographer.”

After 100+ weddings filmed and a huge following on social media, Carbyne Media really has taken off due to the quality of our products, our realistic pricing and our unique films.

“I use high quality but small Canon Cinema cameras and Sony video cameras so most people think I am a Photographer rather than filming their every move… I also use pro level audio equipment for discrete recording of your vows and speeches”